Engaged and Engaging

Kel and I recently chatted with Ted Stark on the podcast about the effect of disinterest and lack of engagement.


When we’re interested in the work we’re doing, it’s easy to be engaged in it. We’re keen, we want to learn more and practice as much as we can.

But that doesn’t always guarantee we’re engaging with others in the team. Communication is vital to a team being effective.

If being engaged isn’t enough to make this happen, we need to recognise our responsibility to the team and accept that.

This is something that shouldn’t and can’t be forced. It’s up to us to engage and work with others and it’s a constantly moving target.

Our motivation to communicate with a particular team or on a particular day may not be there tomorrow or with another group of people.

I’ve, personally, found times when I was excited to share with a team I enjoyed working with, on projects that interested me and other times when I found it difficult or even stressful to communicate with the team.

Taking on that responsibility means that, even though someone might not get it right all the time, they’re trying. That’s a big deal. 👍