We're Hiring People, Not Tech Stacks!

So many job specs I see focus on the tech stack instead of the person.

I get that it’s useful to have a developer who can get on with things quickly, but it’s short sighted to think a particular tech stack really matters.

A good developer isn’t one with experience in C# and ASP.Net (they may well also have that, or they may not…)

A good developer is an excellent communicator. I don’t mean they’re outgoing and the first person to put in front of a client. (Though, again, they could be! 😁) But they absolutely should be able to effectively communicate ideas and requirements within their team.

A good developer is a great problem solver. Huge chunks of software development are centred around the concept of creating solutions within constraints! A good developer should thrive in this.

Most of all, the first thing I look for, a good developer should be keen to learn. The development world moves so fast, knowing enough today won’t be enough tomorrow. There will be new problems to solve, new tech stacks, architectures, infrastructures and opportunities. A desire to keep learning is essential to keeping up.

What have you learned recently? Technical or non!