Use Those Covering Letters!

Use those covering letters!

We’re hiring and I’ve been through a lot of job applications. We only had one come through with a covering letter . They weren’t qualified, but I paid attention!

I love covering letters for two huge reasons:

First, it allows you to tell me why you are perfect for this specific role. Things that may not fit nicely into the normal cv format.

It’s your letter to me! You can tell me, in any way you see fit, why do you think you’d be great for this role and it for you?

The second reason, I think this might be even more important, it’s an opportunity to show me who you are.

The majority of the content of most CVs I see are all the same words, lists of languages, frameworks and experiences they’re shuffled up and rephrased, but it all comes out much the same.

This is particularly true for newer devs.

The thing that makes you most stand out is you! The person and personality you are. Your covering letter gives you an opportunity to share a small piece of that with me.

Recruiters and hiring managers, what things like this do you notice that you wish job seekers would really take advantage of? Do you also love covering letters, or are they not your thing?