It's About You, Not Your Kit

I see a lot of debates over programming languages, frameworks, the latest patterns and design systems.. but it always reminds me of photography.

There’s so much kit you can buy to take photos. Everyone swears by their brand, or full frame sensors. Or hell, why stop there? Only medium format can take REAL photos! 🤣

To this day, I believe one of the best photos I’ve taken was with my iPhone 7. We’re not taking about some fancy phone with 8 cameras on the back. It’s got 1. It’s not a bad one, but it really doesn’t compare to any pro camera on the market.

So why is it my favourite? The composition was pretty good, (if I do say so myself) the situation was good and the light was amazing. None of these are technical things. But they make for amazing photographs.

The same is true of software. What makes software really great is never what language was used or framework or development paradigm. It’s the experience and idea behind the development that makes the difference.

We could all do with focusing less on the tech stack and more on process, communication, creativity, experience, experimentation and generally just looking more at building great solutions together with the tools we’ve got!

What non-tech stack/buzzword based skills do you most value in software developers?