I've written some articles!

Hopefully you get some value out of them! Becoming a software developer is hard and I really enjoy sharing some of my experience to make it just a little easier on other folks!

Three quick tips for getting a job as a developer

It's hard to get that first job as a developer, even if it's not your first job, there's a lot of competition out there! Here are a few quick suggestions to put you to the top of the donut pile! 🍩

Why Community Is So Important For Developers

The developer community has changed over the years. A little personal history of the developer community and how important community is for devs.

You’ve got an interview! Yay! Yikes!? 😬

You've worked hard to build up your skills and put together a great resume and portfolio. Now you've got an interview and it's scary! There are some things you can do to make it a little less terrifying!

Your First Day As a Developer

You've worked hard to get that first software development job, but now what? What should and shouldn't you expect on day one?

Go Break Some Resumé Rules! (or not!)

Don't just follow the rules when you build your Resumé. You be you! Unicorn fan, leader of chainsaw wielding teens, more logical than Spock? Go for it!

We’re All a Bunch of Impostors!

Impostor syndrome is a real problem in the developer community. We are all faced with a wealth of knowledge we don't have. Sometimes it's hard to focus on the things we DO know.

Failing Doesn’t Make You a Failure

It's hard to admit when we've messed up, but we all do. Failing is normal and it's a part of how we grow as developers. Learn a little bit about some of my failures and how important allowing for failure can be.